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What if you could get into the body of your dreams without the restrictive food rules and mind-numbing exercise?

 The freedom to eat chocolate guilt-free. The confidence to wear a swimsuit in public. The skills to get into the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.

Introducing the Friends With Benefits Online Group Coaching program, the only legitimate fat loss program that focuses on your inner psychology so you never have to diet again.

If you’ve ever wondered what separates a fit Mom with four kids from a Mom still battling the baby weight gain from several years ago, the answer is right in front of you.

Look at their daily routine. What do you notice?

If you ask the average person on the street, they point out things that seem likely. They’ll say things like:

  • “I can’t believe she has such a flat stomach after having four kids; she must never eat sugar.”
  • “If I was rich, I’d be able to hire a personal chef, too.”
  • “She made walking up those stairs look so easy; I bet she lives in the gym.”

But you and I know it’s something much different.

As chronic dieters, we’ve seen and tried it all. We know that successful dieting means eating fruits and vegetables coupled with a regular exercise routine. And yes, this requires being in a calorie deficit, but plenty of well-intentioned dieters don’t succeed.

So what do people with long-term weight loss know that nobody else knows?

We know that the secret is in their subtle daily habits.

The truth is…people with lean physiques have effortless habits in place that they’ve been fine-tuning for years. And they’re usually oblivious to it because it’s become who they are, not what they do.

Stuff Like

  • Exercising before work four times a week.
  • Ordering a side of vegetables with no butter or oil every time they go out to eat.
  • Taking a healthy homemade lunch to work every day.

It’s like walking into an expensive hotel. It’s the smell. The expensive furnishings. The vaulted ceilings. The high quality of service. You can just feel it. It’s a million little cues that all work together to create the aura of prestige and success.

These are the small things that add up over time. It’s a thousand tiny daily habits done consistently every single day. Meal after meal. Rep after rep. Week after week. Year after year.

There are no rabbits being pulled out of magic top hats. No belly wraps, no fat burner pills, and no detox diets.

The really interesting thing about all of this, though?

There are a few individuals who, instead of looking for short-cuts, want to learn what these lean individuals do. They actually want to hear the truth. They don’t want to be lied to. They want to know what’s behind the curtain — for better or worse.

Because that’s where the answer is — that’s where the physique transformation is happening.

And successful people want to see it all. The good, bad, and the ugly.

Knowledge is power. And being armed with the truth is the best defense against a lie.

What if you could lose 20, 30, or even 50 pounds in the next six months by developing these skills? And what if you could do it by intimately working with one of the industry’s best, every single step of the way?

That’s what I’d like to introduce you to.

The Friends With Benefits Online Group Coaching program, so we can create your perfect roadmap and become a fat loss success story — not just for an upcoming wedding or trip to the beach. Forever.

Do you want to know the habits of successful people or do you want to continue wasting your time chasing a dream through unattainable methods?

Hopes and wishes don’t make dreams come true. You have to take action. You need a detailed plan.

Even applying just one behavioral strategy will make you more energetic, more confident, and more desirable. But applying all of these strategies will make you irresistible.

Like the difference between the fit Mom with four kids and the Mom still battling baby weight gain from several years ago, why haven’t you been able to do this on your own?

“Think you can’t get into amazing shape after having a baby? My client did.
Down 43 pounds in just 10 months with at-home workouts.”

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been there — starting the same diet every Monday — for the hundredth time and suddenly we notice we’re eating because we’re anxious, stressed, bored, or lonely.

You could look for these behavioral triggers on your own for years and years. You might discover something you haven’t observed before, but there’s nothing like having an expert walk you through exactly what’s happening.

This is why professional athletes learn from world-class trainers. This is why master chefs learn through apprenticeships. Even the most gifted musical prodigies seek out famous music teachers. And when you do, you’ll develop the mental clarity that allows you to drop the weight without ever having to diet.

You’ll never have to think about losing weight again. Your fear of sugar and calorie counting obsession will no longer control you at every meal. The top performers of the world make it a point to learn from the best. They don’t waste time trying to “figure it all out” themselves. They put in the time, money, and effort to be successful. They don’t just wing it.

Your mind and your body are your most valuable assets and they are going to require a unique plan. If you want optimal results — real, life-changing results — then you’re going to have to invest in your success. And that means putting in the time, money, and effort to learn from the best, and then following in their footsteps.

If you’re serious about getting into the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life — then why wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who has successfully been helping others do it for over 15 years?

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s how I’ve changed the lives of others:

I went into the Friends With Benefits program wanting to lose weight, but in the end I transformed my mind, body, and lifestyle. I don’t emotionally eat, binge eat, or even really overeat anymore. No foods are off limits, and I learned how to eat for weight loss and maintenance. Even better, my self-esteem and self-talk have dramatically shifted to a more positive outlook. And the cherry on top was that my body got smaller in the process! (Plus, with the workouts, I got stronger and more toned). Now I feel confident about going into any situation with food and I know I can manage my weight for the rest of my life. I’m so glad I did this for myself!
What did the wisdom of a 38 year old mother from Louisiana do to help me? A lot actually.
She aided in my biggest mental transformation yet.
2015: another online coach. I was sub 10%, looked great, felt like absolute crap. That journey actually held massive consequences as I began to develop body image issues when I’d fall off a diet or have a holiday visit with my family. Or after social gatherings.
Enter 2017, and the “return to sanity,” when I came across Leslie. We exchanged emails and high fives. Learned all about how food labels are killing our mindset. Her words changed everything for me.
Now there is a life, a career, a girlfriend, a much better approach to eating and living and just knowing that it doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be me.
— Ty Caughell, Audio Engineer
You have helped me combat my eating patterns in such a short time! I used to be the girl with a restrictive/binge/restrictive type diet where I would lose a few kgs then gain it all back. I used to be the girl who would binge on chocolate/cake and then punish myself with hours of cardio or HIIT related exercises! Now, I am a healthy and happy girl who lives a lifestyle of eating nutritionally dense foods most of the time without overly restricting myself to the point I feel I need to binge!
With your help, I have lost around 5+kgs in the last month. I no longer worry about the scale and now measure my journey from the way my clothes fit,  my performance, and the way I feel!
Because of you, my healthy habits are slowly turning into a lifestyle and I am loving the process!! I know for sure that what stopped me with my “weight loss” journey last time was my mindset and the way I approached things! Every day you motivate me and help me make better daily decisions!
— Layla Bailey-McDowell, New Zealand
I have learned so much from you! As an NBA dancer, I naturally obsess over how to keep my body.
It was ruining my life.
If there was a social event on a weekday, I wouldn’t go. But on a Saturday when it was “okay” to eat what I wanted, even if I had no social plans, I would overeat by myself. I finally got sick and tired of it all and, with your help, took myself off a diet.
Now, I just workout about 5 days a week and eat what I want when I want. When I am satisfied, I stop. I eat healthy food, but also sweets without guilt. And because of that. I no longer feel the need to binge.
Giving up dieting has freed me — and guess what? I weigh the same. Now I can have a “normal” day, it IS possible to eat healthy and “bad” foods in one day. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing.
I feel like I have my life back. Thank you.
— Gracie Blanchard, NBA Dancer for the Oklahoma City Thunder



Results supported by science

We don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. We only use proven strategies that work — backed by science. Proven with results.

One-on-one guidance from an industry leader

You don’t receive a “meal plan” and an occasional email from a no-named “coach,” you will have personalized guidance and support from a world-class expert, every day, every single step of the way.

A personalized plan of action

Clarity. You will have a clear roadmap detailing your daily fitness and nutrition program designed specifically to fit into your unique life.

Your dreams become reality

By following the detailed program designed specifically for you and your goals, the body you’ve always wanted will become your new reality.

Never diet again

Free yourself from restrictive food rules and obsessive calorie counting. We offer personalized support to help you develop the behavioral tools necessary to overcome an emotional relationship with food and live a diet-free life — not just for an upcoming wedding or trip to the beach, but forever.

Small steps. Big changes.

When unexpected obstacles surface along the way, we will break down complex issues into smaller, manageable steps to ensure you steadily continue moving closer to your goal.

Lowest price ever

The goal is to provide life-changing nutrition for everyone. We’ve created an affordable coaching program for those who want to get into the body they’ve always wanted, using a method backed by scientific research.

100% risk-free guarantee

Give us six months of your life to dramatically transform your body and your relationship with food — or it’s free.

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