EPISODE 66: Client Interview with Stephanie Curry

In last week’s episode, I interviewed a Friends With Benefits client, Danielle Scheid, on how she was able to transition from a food-obsessed chronic dieter to someone who feels completely in control in any dining scenario while effortlessly maintaining her weight through the power of habit. 

In this week’s episode, I interviewed another client, Stephanie Curry, on her unique experience in my coaching program. 

As you know, no two dieters are the same and we all have different challenges, backgrounds, habits, lifestyles, and emotional eating struggles. Stephanie was kind enough to open up and share her extensive dieting history as a Weight Watchers lifetime member. 

Topics Stephanie and I discussed: 

  • How a previous client interview with former Weight Watchers Leader (Andrea Seabrands) was the wake-up call she needed to stop dieting and commit to unraveling her emotional ties to eating and lose the weight, once and for all. 
  • As a stay-at-home Mom who’s dedicated to her special needs son, Stephanie shares some of her biggest challenges in the program and the small changes that contributed to her weight loss results. 
  • At what point in the process, Stephanie witnessed her relationship with food beginning to shift and how she’s mastered any spontaneous date nights out to dinner with complete confidence. 
  • Stephanie also shares why this process “worked” when 20 years of dieting, never did. 
  • Her best piece of advice for those who fear gaining weight if they stop macro/calorie/point counting, and why confronting this fear is essential for long-term success. 

Thanks again to Stephanie for being a guest and sharing her valuable insights. Be sure to give this episode a listen and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in the future. 


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