Forget everything you know about dieting.

When food and exercise is all about weight loss, it sucks the fun out of life:

  • Ugh! I’m such a fat ass. Why do I always have to eat all of the cookies? I can never just stop at one. I have no control around sugar!

  • I’ll never be able to wear shorts again. I don’t want anyone to see me like this. I don’t understand how I can have everything else in my life under control, but this one thing is such a constant battle!

  • I hate going out to eat in restaurants with co-workers; people judge me if I order anything other than a salad and water.

When food and exercise is all about weight loss, it sucks the fun out of life:

Learn how to stop dieting and get into the best shape of your life by addressing your deep psychological relationship with food and untangling your ties to emotional eating.


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Select this program if you’re a self-motivated individual that enjoys engaging with others who share similar goals in a small, private community. Perfect program if you want one-on-one customized nutrition guidance with Leslie Hooper Everything in the Basic to Badass package, but this program is designed to accelerate fat loss by including a customized workout program tailored to you and your unique lifestyle and body. The perfect coaching program for those who feel out of control around food, possess an extensive history of failed dieting attempts, and routinely battle emotional/binge eating episodes.
Perfect for those who prefer email correspondence, yet still desire the one-on-one direction and accountability from Leslie Hooper 30 minute phone check-ins weekly to assess your progress, troubleshoot unforeseen obstacles, and provide you with the necessary skills to keep you moving forward at an optimal rate. In addition to one-on-one nutritional guidance and support through phone check-ins, your workout accountability will also be closely monitored to ensure optimal progress on your fitness goal. Includes everything in the Fat Murder package with the addition of daily check-ins, unlimited phone calls, and 24/7 private text messaging support.
Weekly check-ins to assess progress, both in nutrition and fitness Unlimited email and text messaging support available in-between your regularly scheduled phone check-ins. Every four weeks you will receive a new customized fitness program to prevent you from hitting a fat loss plateau. 6 month program; results 100% guaranteed
Includes a new workout program every four weeks with unlimited email and form check-ins 6 month program; results 100% guaranteed Phone application software that allows you to access your personalized workouts and track progress through scale weight, measurements, and pictures.  –
Gym membership not required.  – Gym membership not required.  –
6 month program; results 100% guaranteed  – 6 month program; results 100% guaranteed  –
*limited availability; only offered twice a year  –  –  –

Tired of starting the same diet every Monday?

Do you avoid being in pictures or hate looking at yourself in the mirror? Get my FREE fat loss guide and I'll show you exactly how to get into a jaw-dropping body that turns heads every time you walk into a room.

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