The diet industry is failing you

It’s the dieting industry’s dirty little secret that 95% of all dieters will regain their weight in under 6 months. And 83%, will gain more weight than they lost.

For decades the diet industry has been dumping billions of dollars into an advertising campaign that tells you how you should look and eat using their magic pills, detoxes, and belly wraps. Major influencers found on social media, radio, and TV, perpetuate the illusion of rapid weight loss. Unfortunately, well-intentioned dieters waste their hard-earned money buying into the dream of a better life.

So what do the successful 5% know that dieters don’t?

Lifelong, permanent body transformations happen from the inside-out.

I never thought it was possible to get into my dream body, but with Leslie’s guidance, I was able to stop stress eating and lose over 40 pounds. And the best part? I’ve now kept it off for over 4 years. Leslie didn’t just help me& lose weight; she helped me lose unhealthy habits and self-limiting beliefs. Working with her has been the best investment I’ve ever made. She is life-changing.

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Sarah Devillier

If you’re simply looking to lose weight, my program is not right for you. There are going to be much easier and faster ways to lose weight.

However, if you’re prepared to spend some time unraveling your emotional ties to eating, then this program is the answer to ending your battle with food.

Who is this coaching program for?

  • If you’ve tried many diets, lost weight, regained it back, again and again.
  • Use food to medicate, self-soothe, or suppress feelings.
  • Feel hopeless and frustrated about ever being free from your obsession with food, eating, and your weight.
  • Struggle with feeling out of control with food.
  • Think about food or eating more than you’d like — or worse, almost every moment of every day.

If you think you’re ready to make these changes in your life, you can start right now.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Where do you want to be six months from now? Starting over or celebrating your progress?

Choose Your Future

Four program options to fit your individual needs


Group coaching


Nutrition Consulting & Workout Design
6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.

$99/week for 24 weeks


One-on-one coaching

Basic to Badass

Nutrition Consulting
6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.


One-on-one coaching

Fat Murder

Nutrition Consulting & Workout Design
6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.


One-on-one coaching

I'm Moving In

Nutrition Consulting & Workout Design
+ Daily Accountability + Unlimited Phone Calls

6-month program. Results 100% guaranteed.

Simply put, Leslie gets it. She gets where you’ve been, she gets where you want to go, and she gets what it will take to get you — and keep you — there for the long haul. If you want someone who is seriously committed to your success without making the process mind-numbingly boring, you can’t go wrong with Leslie.
Chief Sexification Officer at Rog Law Fitness, Cinnabon Aficionado

Eileen Trujillo

Because I was so impressed with my former client, now turned co-coach, Eileen Trujillo’s emotional depth, compassion, and integrity, I recruited her to join my coaching team in 2018. Eileen has a Master’s degree in Education and an extensive background in developmental coaching, but what makes her so special is not only how she’s able to talk the talk, but how she’s also been able to walk the walk.

To date, Eileen has helped hundreds of dieters not only lose weight using my program, but also lose the mindset that caused them to gain the weight in the first place. I trust her so implicitly that I currently have her working with my own mother.

Getting fat was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know that sound nuts but hear me out.

When my Mom snapped the picture on the left, it was the reality check I needed. My life was out of control, and as a result, so was my eating. I spent years hiding from the world. Presenting a false persona to colleagues, friends, and family that I had it all together, but my reality was far from it.

My life revolved around food. I would engulf an entire baguette while obsessively thinking about what I’d eat at my next meal. When I saw that picture, I knew I needed to change. Why Leslie? Because she knew what it felt like to be a binge eater. Every single Instagram post felt like she was talking directly to me.

She understood how frustrating it was to feel out of control, but she also understood the psychology that allowed her clients to achieve lifelong results.

Leslie changed my life!

She encouraged me to let go of the timeline and start living my life as if I was already at my goal weight. She taught me that I was worthy of happiness today, not just when I was thin. Yeah, I’ve lost a lot of weight and that feels really good, but nothing feels better than knowing who I truly am. I didn’t realize I was so lost until I found myself.

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Eileen Trujillo


Steph Miramontes

Since 2012, Steph Miramontes has taken fitness and nutrition coaching from a mundane task to inspired action, so you can get your life back. After witnessing Steph’s commitment to not only helping her clients untangle their emotional ties to food, but also help them heal a lifelong battle with poor body image, she was the obvious choice for the Hooper Team.

When most diets end, do you still end up picking your body apart and wishing it was better? When you see a photo of yourself 20 pounds lighter, do you remember still being unhappy in your body and wishing it was different? Steph helps our clients rebuild the most important relationship you’ll ever have — the one with yourself.

The health and fitness industry focuses on surface solutions, while failing to acknowledge the key to a lifelong, permanent transformation is through mind, body, and soul.

Steph manages the perfect blend of no-bullshit coaching with grace and compassion.