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The Word On the Street

  • "I am happy to stand behind Leslie and her work. She is 100% authentic, and very skilled in her craft. What I appreciate most about her is her ability to look beyond the band-aid solutions to issues, and really try and understand the root of the challenges people face today, and how to address those as the priority.  This is very lacking in today's quick-fix society, and it is awesome to see someone with this rare skill and intuition that isn't taught in books."

    John Meadows
    John Meadows Head Bro of Mountain Dog Diet and Training Systems, IFBB Pro, and Legend
  • "Leslie is the coach you can trust. She's the coach who will do what's best for you. Always. No matter what. You are her priority and she will do everything in her power to guarantee your success. Leslie gets my highest recommendation and she is truly one of 'the greats' in her craft."

    Jordan Syatt
    Jordan Syatt Creator of Syatt Fitness, Owner of a Milliondollar Smile
  • "Simply put, Leslie gets it. She gets where you’ve been, she gets where you want to go, and she gets what it will take to get you — and keep you — there for the long haul. If you want someone who is seriously committed to your success without making the process mind-numbingly boring, you can’t go wrong with Leslie."

    Roger Lawson II
    Roger Lawson II Chief Sexification Officer at Rog Law Fitness, Cinnabon Aficionado
  • "Working with Leslie has been a total game changer. Her no nonsense approach to nutrition helped me conquer a lifetime of radical eating habits. Her strength and conditioning program also made me a better athlete. I have achieved many goals this year and I attribute them to her coaching! Thanks Leslie!"

    Brea Ellwanger
    Brea Ellwanger Coaching Client and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan-American Champion, 2016