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Hello there!

I'm Leslie Hooper

I’m an Online Nutrition and Fitness Coach who has spent the last 15 years helping thousands of people bring an end to their compulsive eating by addressing their deep psychological relationship with food. Unlike most fitness professionals, I understand that perpetual dieting is a personal issue that goes far beyond food, weight, and body image.

My coaching is for those who are serious about making a real change in their relationship with food, not just looking for another short-term fix. I’ll show you how to break-free from the shackles of dieting and get into the best shape of your life while eating the foods you love.

Together, we’ll change the unchangeable and achieve the unachievable.

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Forget everything you know about dieting

From group coaching to one-on-one consulting. Whether your goal is to stop compulsive eating or bounce a quarter off your ass, I’ll give you the psychological tools and lifelong habits to achieve both.

It’s time to free yourself from diet prison.

Every morning you wake up hating your body, is another opportunity missed to be the best version of yourself. Don’t waste today.

Working with Leslie has been a total game changer. Her no nonsense approach to nutrition helped me conquer a lifetime of radical eating habits. Her strength and conditioning program also made me a better athlete. I have achieved many goals this year and I attribute them to her coaching! Thanks Leslie!
Coaching Client and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan-American Champion
Leslie is the coach you can trust. She's the coach who will do what's best for you. Always. No matter what. You are her priority and she will do everything in her power to guarantee your success. Leslie gets my highest recommendation and she is truly one of 'the greats' in her craft.
Creator of Syatt Fitness, Owner of a Milliondollar Smile

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