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Lose the diet, gain a life.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you wanted to eat instead of what you “should” or “can” eat?

If you spend the majority of your day obsessively thinking about:

  • What you’ll eat next
  • What you wish you could eat
  • What you wish you hadn’t eaten

You’re no longer controlling your diet; your diet is controlling you.

It’s time to take your life back.

Whether you have a goal to bounce a quarter off your ass or to stop eating like an asshole, we have helped over 2000 clients transform their lives from the inside-out without crazy food rules, obsessive calorie counting, and endless hours of cardio.

Now, it’s your turn.

The Dream Team

Leslie Hooper

Founder | Head Coach

Steph Miramontes


Rog Law

Fat Murder Podcast Co-host


Emotional Support

Steph Miramontes

Since 2012, Steph Miramontes has taken fitness and nutrition coaching from a mundane task to inspired action, so you can get your life back. After witnessing Steph’s commitment to not only helping her clients untangle their emotional ties to food, but also help them heal a lifelong battle with poor body image, she was the obvious choice for the Hooper Team.

When most diets end, do you still end up picking your body apart and wishing it was better? When you see a photo of yourself 20 pounds lighter, do you remember still being unhappy in your body and wishing it was different? Steph helps our clients rebuild the most important relationship you’ll ever have — the one with yourself.

The health and fitness industry focuses on surface solutions, while failing to acknowledge the key to a lifelong, permanent transformation is through mind, body, and soul.

Steph manages the perfect blend of no-bullshit coaching with grace and compassion.

Fat Murder Podcast Co-Host

Rog Law

Rog Law is one of Leslie’s oldest friends in the fitness industry. Like many modern day love stories, they met in the comments section of Facebook and eventually in-person at a fitness conference in Kansas City, Missouri. When Leslie moved to NYC a few years later to begin building her online business, she and Rog were roommates while he worked at Mark Fisher Fitness. It was during this time that Rog met his wife, Shirin. The two newlyweds now live in Brooklyn, New York, where he continues to work at MFF.

Rog being the lovable and hilarious guy that he is, made him a no-brainer co-host choice when Leslie decided to start a podcast. Not only does he have extensive experience working in the fitness industry, but he also has a gift for finding the humor in heavy topics that most people shy away from. Rog is incredibly knowledgeable on all-things growth mindset and never misses an opportunity to find the positive in every situation.

Emotional Support


Leslie’s energetic two year-old Dalmatian, Dexter, is always available to provide you with a daily dose of love. Like most dogs, Dexter has a special way of finding the people who need him and filling an emptiness they didn’t know they had. He loves to chase his favorite orange balls almost as much as he loves to cuddle. His primary love languages are physical touch and quality time.

We believe that everything you need to know about what’s important in life, can be taught to you by a dog (and pets in general).

Weight loss

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