EPISODE 13: From Fat to Fit in 6 Months (A Client’s Story)


In last week’s episode, I interviewed former one-on-one coaching client, Eileen, on how she was able to transition from a food-obsessed chronic dieter to someone who feels completely in control in any dining scenario while effortlessly maintaining her weight through the power of habit.

In this week’s episode, I interviewed another former client, Anna Branum, on her unique experience in my group coaching program, Friends With Benefits. As you know, no two dieters are the same and we all have different challenges, backgrounds, habits, lifestyles, and emotional eating struggles. Anna was kind enough to open up and share some of hers.

Topics Anna and I discussed:

  • The struggle she’s experienced with being overweight her entire life and how she was finally able to take control after decades of failed attempts.
  • The ONE surprising thing Anna changed in her eating habits that have made the biggest impact on her dramatic weight loss results.
  • At what point in my group coaching program, Friends With Benefits, Anna witnessed her relationship with food beginning to change and how she’s mastered any restaurant/social setting with complete confidence.
  • Anna also discusses how much weight she’s lost and why this process “worked” when others never did.
  • Her best piece of advice for those who are scared to stop macro/calorie counting and take the leap into creating healthier habits.

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