EPISODE 14: The REAL Reason Why Weight Loss is So Hard (#TWSS)


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What the hell is Rog wearing in this week’s episode and WHYYY???
  • There’s approximately 100 days left in 2019; how will you invest this time? Most people focus on New Year’s resolutions, but Rog and I encourage you to make a commitment to finishing the year strong by focusing on ONE positive habit that has the potential to dramatically change your life.
  • Rog and I also discuss fad diets vs habit formation and why diets are designed for you to fail.
  • Stop banging your head against the wall by trying to implement the same diet over and over again. In this episode, Rog and I tell you what needs to happen instead.
  • OH! And cool news, it’s also mentioned how we’ll be releasing ALL of our episodes on YouTube and IGTV so that’s kind of exciting for you visual peeps who want to pretend you’re in the room with us (clothes optional).


This podcast is edited and managed by
Derrick Michaud
Shelby Row Productions, LLC

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