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Fck Fruitcake

6-week online group coaching program to sleigh holiday overeating

Do you know what’s nuttier than a fruitcake? Having the same weight loss resolution every January 1st

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Tis the season to find that elusive, delicate balance between holiday feasting and not eating like an asshole.

How would it feel to:

  • be in control around food – yes, even on Thanksgiving 😜
  • celebrate the New Year with clothes fitting better, not worse?
  • have the freedom to eat chocolate without thinking about calories

How would it feel to lose weight while never having to diet again?


A holiday eating program designed to help frustrated dieters stop overeating and lose weight while enjoying the foods they love.

holiday testimonial

My personal experience with the holidays was riddled with binge eating, punishing exercise and now, an effortless balance – less time and energy counting calories, but more psychological skills to overcome emotional eating.

It’s no longer that time of year when having a happy holiday means ending a meal feeling like a stuffed turkey.

For dieters, being happy at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the equivalent of eating with abandon. No restrictions. No food rules. No meal plans. No step counting apps telling them how to live their lives.

Freedom from the shackles of dieting.

They shelf self-care for fleeting moments of instant gratification and do their best to ignore an expanding waistline.

Unfortunately, the reality is that, on average, only 8% of individuals who set a New Year’s resolution will be successful. Generally, within 3 weeks, most have quit altogether. 

This year, don’t waste another holiday season riddled with food guilt, financial stress, and candid family photos that make you cringe.

Now is the perfect time to develop the inner psychology and eating habits of a “naturally thin” person. With overeating at the cornerstone of the holiday season, you can become the kind of person who doesn’t need a weight loss resolution come January 1st…or ever.

holiday testimonial

As tempting as it is to eat 20 butter cookies shaped like a Christmas tree when you’re lonely or stressed, there’s a better solution. And teaching you those solutions is exactly what F*ck Fruitcake is all about.

If you’ve ever said:

  • “I can’t stop eating sweets once I’ve started. I’m addicted to sugar!” (You’re not.)
  • “I’ll just have a little bit and do more cardio tomorrow.” (It’s never just a couple of bites, is it?)
  • “I’ll get back on track after the holidays.” (You won’t.)

Then it’s time to put the joy back in eating.

From work parties and family reunions to happy hours and Christmas gatherings, the holiday season is a whirlwind of cocktails, finger foods, and buffet tables.

Saying yes to all of your favorites doesn’t have to mean saying no to your weight loss goals. You can have your fruitcake and eat it, too. 🤢




Clothes too tight, wouldn't recommend.

holiday testimonial

You can celebrate the holidays without your pants being tighter on January 1st than they were on November 15th. Call it a Christmas miracle.

Together, we create your perfect roadmap so you become a weight loss success story — not just for an upcoming New Year’s party, but forever.

You’ll learn how to stop overeating when you tune into how you feel before your first bite. No coal for your emotional dumpster fire needed. 😉

This means you’ll be able to lose weight anytime, anywhere.

And the best part? You don’t have to eliminate all of your favorite holiday foods or avoid restaurants for fear of losing control. You’ll be able to eat homemade buttery mashed potatoes without the guilt.

The benefit of changing your eating habits: you’re in control of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. At all times. And you can lose weight whether you’re Christmas shopping, traveling, or ringing in the New Year with family and friends.

All of my clients come from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and dieting histories. And they have all built successful habits with food. No more stuffing themselves at Thanksgiving. No more secret eating. No more weight loss resolutions.

If you’re sick of useless diet hacks (I’m looking at you cauliflower mashed potatoes) and ready to do what truly works, F*ck Fruitcake will give you the tools you need.

It’s time to end the diet drama so you can eat, drink, and be merry.

Private Member's Podcast

Facebook Community

weekly video coaching calls

Unlimited Email Coaching

Here's What's Included

  • 6 weeks of personalized coaching through small group video calls via Zoom
  • Daily accountability and support in the private Facebook community
  • Access to the members-only podcast so you’ll never miss a coaching call
  • Unlimited 24/7 email guidance so you’re never stuck without a plan

That stuff is cool, but what you really want in your stocking is:

  • Starting the New Year 6 weeks closer to your goal
  • Feeling in control around food and alcohol – yes, even on Thanksgiving 😜
  • Not having to rely on motivation or willpower to achieve success
  • Lifelong psychological shifts to help you overcome emotional/binge eating
  • Having the skills to navigate holiday and social eating
  • Stop self-sabotage in its tracks
  • Being able to eat one cookie instead of all the cookies
  • The ability to manage your inner critic
  • Overcoming your fear of failure
holiday testimonial
holiday testimonial

How I'm Different

Who Would You Rather Learn From?

F*ck Fruitcake

Online fitness professional with over 20 years of experience helping thousands of individuals who feel out of control around food lose weight and keep it off — permanently. Precision Nutrition scholarship winner, former Syatt Fitness intern.

Other Coaching

The guy who posts daily ab selfies, spams you with gimmicky supplement offers, and wants to sell you a cookie cutter program.

Local Personal Trainer

College kid with a couple months of experience trying to make a few bucks in-between classes. 


F*ck Fruitcake

A complete, step-by-step process designed specifically for you and your lifestyle, including your food preferences, schedule, and the deep psychology that will make your fat loss successful long-term.

Other Coaching

More useless “tips” and “tricks” to help you lose 10 pounds in three days.

Local Personal Trainer

Something recently posted on the website.


F*ck Fruitcake

Work with a small, private community of individuals who share similar goals while contributing useful insights, skill development, support, accountability, and ongoing motivation.

Other Coaching

Nah, one email check-in every two weeks should do it.

Local Personal Trainer

No thanks. This kid who just got his certification last weekend has me covered.


F*ck Fruitcake

My clients pay hundreds of dollars for my help, because they get all of my attention and incredible results.

Other Coaching

An unopened ebook collecting dust under you bed.

Local Personal Trainer

A few sessions here and there; mostly when your schedule fits their schedule.


F*ck Fruitcake

Undeniable results. Science backed fat loss. A healthier relationship with food and your body. A clear plan you can stick to for the rest of your life, not just for an upcoming wedding or a trip to the beach.

Other Coaching

A lot of motivational memes. Few results.

Local Personal Trainer

He had abs back in high school.

What You Can Expect

Results supported by science
We don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. We only use proven strategies that work -- backed by science. Proven with results.
Personalized guidance from an industry leader
You don’t receive a “meal plan” and an occasional email from a no-named “coach,” you will have personalized guidance and support from a world-class expert, every day, every single step of the way.
A personalized plan of action
Clarity. You will have a clear roadmap detailing your daily steps specifically designed to fit into your unique life.
Your dreams become reality
By following the detailed program designed specifically for you and your goals, the life you’ve always wanted will become your new reality.
Never diet again
Free yourself from restrictive food rules and obsessive calorie counting. We offer personalized support to help you develop the behavioral tools necessary to overcome an emotional relationship with food and live a diet-free life.
Small steps. Big changes.
When unexpected obstacles surface, we'll break them down into smaller steps to ensure you steadily move closer to your goal.

Weekly Group Call Schedule

Leslie and Steph

Leslie Hooper and Steph Miramontes

Tuesdays at 1pm CDT (To determine what time this is in your time zone, CLICK HERE)

All calls will be recorded and available for download on our private member’s podcast. However, you will be assigned to a coach so we can make sure you’re being held accountable throughout the program. But you can always email either of us with questions, though.

Two Pricing Options




Weekly for 6 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I want to sign up for the F*ck Fruitcake group coaching program, but the only thing that’s holding me back is a two-week vacation I have planned during that time. I will be in Europe and fear I won’t have much internet access and it will interfere with the program. I don’t want to sign up and leave for two weeks, but I know this program is what I need to stop the cycle of dieting; I’ve been stuck in my entire life.”

A: You’re looking at the COST instead of the VALUE. This is a scarcity mindset. You’re focusing on the two weeks you may not have internet access (I have dozens of clients in Europe, by the way — all of them have no issues reaching me), but what about the other 4 weeks? What could happen in that time? How could your life vastly improve? What changes could you make? In the grand scheme of things, two weeks is nothing. You’re focusing on what could go wrong instead of focusing on what could go right. That kind of thinking will keep you stuck.

Q: “I absolutely see the benefit of your group coaching program and know that I would receive a ton of value by joining, but I have no income. I am considering dipping into my savings to join since I am desperate to stop binge eating. Is there any way you would accept a lower rate instead? I’m not trying to devalue your time or coaching, but I want to make this work.”

A: Unfortunately, no. This program is already discounted. I wish I could give the program away to everyone for free, but I have team members to pay and materials/software to purchase to ensure my client’s get the best results possible. As a young single Mom who struggled to make ends meet, I know what it’s like to be in a tough spot financially. That’s why I started the Unstuffed group coaching program, so I could provide a more affordable coaching service to those who need it. But, when does it end? If I charged $50 a month for the program, someone would ask me if they could pay $25.

At some point, you have to know your value and put boundaries in place to support that. Many clients have told me they actually think the program is underpriced for the amount of value you receive, but creating this program was never about making a big profit for me. $79/weekly for 6 weeks is relatively inexpensive when we talk about a “life-changing” experience that will pay for itself for decades to come. I’d be willing to bet you’ve already spent that much (and more) on weight loss products, supplements, unused gym memberships, and meal plans in the past. What would you be willing to pay to achieve your goal weight without ever having to suffer through another diet again?

Here’s what some of our members are saying about the financial investment:

Miriam comment

Suzie comment

Karishma comment

Keep in mind, despite not being able to afford the program, I still offer a ton of free content between my Instagram account, podcast, ebooks on emotional eating and free workouts, and my weekly newsletters. That should be enough to help you get started.

Q: “You said the program is personalized. How so? Does it involve a meal plan, guidance of body types, or is it more foundational knowledge that’s applicable to everyone?”

A: It’s not a meal plan. I don’t subscribe to those — they don’t address the core psychological reasons why you gained weight or feel out of control around food. In my program, we focus on the real underlying issues in your battle with weight loss. People already know what they should be doing, but their problem is in the inability to implement it consistently — self-sabotage is one of many psychological barriers we address throughout the program. In other words, the program is designed to help you reshape the way you think, feel, and interact with food through the power of habit and overcoming your self-limiting beliefs.

  • The program will be accepting new clients from Tuesday, November 15th to Friday, November 18th….
  • The official start date will be Monday, November 21st. However, on Saturday, November 16th, you’ll receive your Welcome Packet…
  • If you select the option to make weekly payments, your first payment will be made when you sign up for the program to reserve your spot, so this means your final payment will be processed in week 5 of the 6 week program.

Q: “How is your program different from intuitive eating?”

A: Simple. Intuitive eating is not a weight loss program. It’s a set of anti-diet principles that are designed to help you break-free from the shackles of dieting, but it doesn’t provide you with a plan or structure on how to do this. Also, IE does not do a deep dive into your dieting history in the way that my program does. Without understanding what psychological behaviors caused you to gain the weight in the first place, it’s going to be impossible to unravel your ties to emotional and binge eating. When the emotional and binge eating stops, the weight falls off.

In my opinion, IE gets a lot of things right, but it’s more about education than it is about implementation. It lacks the practical steps required to show readers how to assess their varying degrees of hunger and fullness in a way that allows their body to settle in at a healthy weight. Reading principles isn’t enough. There needs to be a clear plan of action that details how you go from Point A to Point B with the guidance and support of a professional who will hold you accountable every step of the way.

For more of my thoughts on this, you can listen to this Fat Murder Podcast episode titled, “How We’re Different from Intuitive Eating” on any of your favorite podcast platforms.

One-on-one coaching is very similar to the group, but it involves weekly phone calls and moves more at a pace unique to you and your individual needs. It’s for people who want more of their Coach’s influence and accountability.

Group coaching is completed alongside co-coach, Steph Miramontes. Everyone receives personalized coaching through weekly small group coaching video calls over Zoom. On average, we anticipate 5-7 clients per call, so each of you will have plenty of time to be individually coached (calls will last anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on attendance). However, one of the major benefits of group coaching is that you will have an opportunity to to learn from others being coached, too.

In-between weekly group coaching calls, all correspondence with your coach will be done via email. We also provide a private community for our members on Facebook. Participation is not required, but strongly encouraged. It’s an essential platform clients use to get as much value out of the program as possible. The additional support and encouragement from former clients, other coaches, and current members has proven to be a huge asset when going through this transformative process. 

As far as the program itself, it’s customized to YOU. This is not a cookie-cutter diet. That’s not what we’re about and it simply doesn’t work. However, there are some core principles that my clients and team work on together to help you develop the eating habits of a “naturally-thin” person. These behaviors involve things like: emotional eating, snacking (or lack thereof), hunger, fullness, self-limiting beliefs, overcoming body image issues, negative self-talk, perfectionism, etc.

This isn’t just a weight loss program by any stretch of the imagination. My clients have weekly assignments that they receive where daily behavior tracking is involved in this process. This includes weekly reflective journaling check-ins, additional resources provided to you each week (to do on your own). If you can’t attend a coaching call live, no big deal. All coaching calls are recorded and will be accessible through the private member’s podcast.

There’s more where that came from, but that’s the nuts and bolts of the program. However, all coaching is customized to you and your unique needs, every single day, every single step of the way. You can always email us with any questions.

You’ll be moving at the same pace as the group, but the program is tailored to you and your individual needs, week by week. This process simply wouldn’t work otherwise. You’re not the same person as all of our other clients, so you won’t be encountering the same challenges or obstacles. That has to be considered when it comes to providing you with the appropriate tools to be successful. It wouldn’t benefit you if we discussed a problem with nighttime snacking if your current struggle is with a food pushing aunt who makes comments about your weight, but also gives you a hard time when you don’t clean your plate.

Q: “My husband and I are actively engaged in trying to get pregnant. Can I still participate in the program if I’m pregnant?”

A: Of course! F*ck Fruitcake is not “just” about weight loss. This is a program designed to help you develop a healthier relationship with food — regardless of size. The byproduct of developing a healthier relationship with food (and yourself) is that you will also acquire the eating habits of a “naturally thin” person at your ideal weight. And what better habits to pass on to your future children than healthy eating habits they can maintain for the rest of their lives?

I’d highly recommend a program like this BEFORE you have children since that will be one less distraction competing for your attention. Many clients have been able to work the group while pregnant while still making meaningful progress in their goals — both psychologically and emotionally — which is what leads to physical change. There is no “perfect time” to get started. Where do you want to be six months from now?

Here’s what a couple of our pregnant clients are saying:

Pregnant comment Pregnant comment

Q: “I thought I saw you share some previous client interviews so I can get a better idea of what to expect if I sign up for your coaching. Where can I find those?”

A: On my podcast, Fat Murder. So far, I’ve had the following client interviews:

Eileen Trujillo (September 23, 2019)
Anna Branum (September 30, 2019)
Andrea Seabrands (January 6, 2020)
Dr. Roma Amin (January 13, 2020)
Miriam Blyth (March 23, 2020)
Maddie Conway (March 30, 2020)
Aubrey Allen (June 15, 2020)
Julia Fletcher (June 22, 2020)
Danielle Scheid (September 28, 2020)
Stephanie Curry (October 5, 2020)
Miriam Blyth (December 28, 2020)
Abi Smith (April 5, 2021)
Jaymie (April 19, 2021)
Laura Kalirai (August 16, 2021
Jessie Fink (October 4, 2021)
Lindsay Grange (October 11, 2021)
Sophie Milner (January 3, 2022)
Macarena Niada (January 10, 2022)
Sarah Cheikh (March 28, 2022)
Tracey Martin (April 4, 2022)
Cheryl & Janine (June 20, 2022)
Anne Exmoor (June 27, 2022)
Melissa Parinello (September 26, 2022)

You can also catch the following clients return with updates (a year + after the program) on my Instagram account:

Anna Branum (April 12, 2021)
Aubrey Allen (April 16, 2021)
Danielle Wheeler (October 11, 2021)
Sabrina Peterhans (October 14, 2021)
Maddie Conway (January 10, 2022)
Abi Smith (January 14, 2022)
Dr Roma Amin (April 7, 2022)
Melissa Parinello (June 30, 2022)

Q: “I’m vegan. Can I still participate in your program?”

A: YES! Co-coach Steph Miramontes is a plant-based eater so she’s a great source of information in this area. I’ve also worked with dozens of vegan clients over the years and it’s a non-issue.

In this process, we’ll primarily be focusing on your inner psychology and eating behaviors before we spend too much time on nutritional education itself (most dieters already understand that whole foods are beneficial and need to make up the majority of your diet), so any dietary restrictions will be made by you. This program is not about choking down foods you don’t enjoy to lose weight; it’s about learning how to give yourself permission to eat what you love while honoring your body’s physical cues.

Q: “I’m fit, but I know I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I obsess over it constantly and want to break the cycle of binge eating. Can your program help me?”

A: Yes! Approximately 20% of my F*ck Fruitcake members are not individuals who have an interest in losing weight. Many just want to get off the dieting hamster wheel, but don’t know how.

The program is designed to help clients unravel their emotional ties to eating while developing the eating habits of a “naturally thin” person. Weight loss is the byproduct of minimizing instances of emotional and/or binge eating, but the habits you learn will be tailored to your body and goals.

Anyone who struggles with chronic thoughts regarding their food and body will benefit from the structure, guidance, and accountability in this program. Many are sick and tired of food scales, My Fitness Pal, and meal plans, but don’t know what else to do. My program is the solution to this.

The truth is, most people are either losing or gaining weight, but very few actually know how to lose (without dieting) and then maintain it for the rest of their lives. That’s what this program is going to show you.

Q: “I’m a busy single Mom with 3 kids who are all involved in extracurricular activities. Plus, I’m currently taking a night class on top of working out 4 times a week. Will I really have enough time to participate in this program?”

A: Isn’t this the very reason you NEED to be participating in this program? So you can get your life back and get off the merry-go-round of dieting and enjoy it to the fullest? How much time and money have you wasted on fat burners and gym memberships that never produced permanent results?

Stop wasting time reading about weight loss (it might feel like you’re being productive, but where are your results?) and put your effort into a program that’s proven to work.

It’s amazing how much free time opens up when you delete your calorie counting app and start eating what you want, not what a meal plan tells you to. (And when you have a clear plan of action you can execute anywhere, anytime.)

Q: “I’ve been listening to your podcast and following you on Instagram for a few months now. I’ve already seen some changes, but I’ve been struggling. How can your program help me?”

A: If you’re not IN LOVE with your life, then why stay trapped in it any longer than you have to? How much longer are you willing to spend waiting for your life to begin? Most of us spend our youth waiting for our lives to begin; we get old waiting for our lives to begin; we die waiting for our lives to begin.

If you’re just “putting this off,” then you’re squandering the only thing in life you can’t get back: time.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what clients who tried it on their own are saying:

Kendra comment

Client comment

Q: “I’ve tried a million weight loss programs in the past. I’m really good at starting them, but I’ve never completed one. Why will this time be different?”

A: That’s what I’m here for. My entire program is designed to help you get to the root of why you perpetually self-sabotage yourself. The process is all about helping you to take action while ensuring you feel supported. You’ll get weekly email check-ins that are tailored to you, personalized coaching every week, daily Facebook content, and additional resources to keep you accountable.

Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge that I used to be you. I also felt like a massive failure when it came to weight loss. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to stop feeling out of control around food. But that’s exactly why I created this program. Because I discovered what worked for me (and 2500+ women)…and now I want to share it with you.

You’re not broken. You just don’t have the right tools for your toolbox. We will help you develop these psychological skills so you never have to diet again.

The best way to find out is to try it. 

With that said, there are some people who I do not want in my program:

  1. Anyone who isn’t willing to get uncomfortable while confronting their food fears, self-limiting beliefs, and doubts.
  2. Anyone who isn’t willing to stop calorie/macro counting and learn how to trust their physical cues.
  3. Anyone who has a history of eating disorders (bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa). Please seek help from a mental health professional who specializes in these issues.
  4. Anyone who thinks passively absorbing information is all they need to do to have success. If you ignore the simple action steps I give you and expect your body transformation to fall from the sky because you read an email or listened to a podcast, then I don’t want you in my program. This is a program for people willing to put in consistent work to achieve life-changing results. If you’re not ready to change, don’t join.

F*ck Fruitcake

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