Body Bullying Among Men

Body shaming is a widely covered topic as it pertains to women, but the “Do you even lift, bro?” and “I’ve seen snakes with bigger arms” insulting commentary is just as prevalent among men. Particularly online. What’s up with that?

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The Most Common Question I Get Asked

The most common question I get asked by my clients has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition. It isn’t what exercise is best for fat loss or how many carbs should they be eating at each meal. No, what they really want to know is why I’m still single.

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How to Approach Women in the Gym Without Being Creepy

Ever seen a girl in the gym that you wanted to talk to, but didn’t know how to approach her without looking like a creep? As someone who’s been on the receiving end of this situation dozens of times, I offer some of my best tips and useful insights to help you get a positive response from your gym crush.

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What’s the Best Exercise for Fat Loss?

Over the weekend I was asked, “What’s the best exercise method for fat loss — is it running?”

No, it’s not running — unless you love to run. And it’s probably not riding a unicycle juggling knives unless you love to ride a unicycle juggling knives.

The fat loss exercise routine that will give you long-term, sustainable results is the exercise you choose to love. Yes, choose.

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Gun Show On The Go

This will undoubtedly go down in the books as one of the busiest weekends of my life, but I’m never too busy to accept your admission to the gun show.

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How to Superhero Your Early Morning Workout

When I worked a standard 8-5 corporate job, I’d wake up at 5am to get my workout in before heading to the office.

It wasn’t ideal, but as a single Mom it was the only way I could guarantee I’d be able to hit the gym consistently. At first, getting up that early sucked, but with a little practice, it got easier. Here’s how.

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The Missing Piece to Your Fat Loss Puzzle

When undergoing a physique transformation the greatest challenges aren’t physical, but mental.

Along the way there are many landmines waiting. Doubt, fear, and impatience have derailed many who had great potential.

It’s too easy to let emotions take you off the path. Devising a plan is easy, seeing it through to the end is the hard part.

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Embrace the Suck

If there’s one thing a person needs to understand before they begin to diet, it’s that fat loss doesn’t occur in a linear line. It’s

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