Untangling Your Dysfunctional Relationship With Food

Ever taken the time to ponder how our relationship with food got to the point of being so dysfunctional?

What causes us to obsess over food in the first place? If you were the only person on the planet would you still be chasing fat loss? Where does this influence come from? And why is fat such an icky thing? Who determined that and why are we giving them our power? In this blog, we explore the diet mentality and how it keep us struggling with fat loss.

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How Cardio Turned Me Into a Binge Eater

Are you stuck in the binge-then-restrict cycle? Eat “clean” for a few days and then dive head first into a massive binge, only to punish yourself with extra cardio and vow never to do it again…until you do? This blog is for YOU.

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6 Metabolism Myths (and what to do about it)

Why can one person eat like a growing teenager and not gain a pound, while some of us can’t even smell a slice of pizza without sending the button on our pants flying across the room?

In this blog, I use the latest scientific research to discuss the six most common myths on metabolism and what you can do to improve yours.

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The Two Biggest Lies Keeping You Overweight

What lies have you noticed that society tells you?

Is it about when you should be married? How skinny your thighs should be? What car you should drive? How much money you should be making?

In this blog post I discuss the two biggest lies preventing you from losing weight and how to overcome them.

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Food Cravings: The Mosquitoes of Dieting

Is there anything more frustrating than consistently nailing your diet day in and day out only to be hit upside the back of the head with nagging thoughts of pizza, ice cream, donuts, and cheeseburgers?

Food cravings are the mosquitoes of dieting.

It’s like going to the beach and getting attacked by an unrelenting swarm. One mosquito here and there isn’t so bad, but if you’re getting bitten by a hundred of them, it becomes a problem.

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The One Thing Winners Do Differently

Whether it’s co-workers, family or friends, you need people in your life who challenge and elevate you. But what are you bringing to the table? How can you do a better job of inspiring others to become better versions of themselves?

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8 Things Successful Clients Do

Ever wondered why some people are able to completely transform their bodies, but you can’t even eat a healthy breakfast consistently? In this week’s article I dive into the 8 things all successful clients do and how you can begin to implement those behaviors, too.

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