You Should Smile More

Do men frequently approach you and tell you to smile more? Yeah, me too. In this blog post I dive into the reasons why it bugs me and how I’ve come to accept that the carpe diem schtick just isn’t my jam.

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What Type of Dieter Are You?

Ever feel like the diet you’re following just isn’t the right fit for you? Does it seem hard? Confusing? Well, there’s a good chance you’re following the wrong diet for your personality. There are two distinct groups of dieters. Which one are you?

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Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

Feeling frustrated at your lack of progress in the gym? Are you doing everything right, but still not seeing results? There may be a crucial piece to the puzzle that you’re overlooking. Here are a couple of key strategies to keep you in-check.

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How to Get More Right Swipes From Tinderella

If you’re a dude who does a lot of online dating and can’t figure out why you’re not connecting with the kind of women you’re attracted to, it’s probably because the presentation of your online dating profile sucks. Here’s how to fix it.

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All Things 37

What my 36th year taught me about love, life, lessons, fear, pain, and saying “Hell Yes!” to new adventures.

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