EPISODE 168: Are You a Good Fit for Hunger Directed Eating?

On this week’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast, co-coach, Laura Kalirai, joins me as we discuss how to lose weight through Hunger Directed Eating.

As I tell my clients, these are not rules. Your diet brain is going to turn them into rules since that’s what you’re used to, but this is how you take care of yourself in a loving way.

They are “If love could speak to you about food” guidelines.

They are designed to teach you how to love yourself with food. As dieters, you have learned how to use food as a way to force, shame, and guilt yourself.

In the podcast, we discuss:

  • How having a healthy relationship with food isn’t about force, shame, or guilt In this process, there is only kindness, compassion, and patience
  • How to develop the eating habits of a natural eater who feels relax and in control around food instead of an anxious stress ball reacting out of fear
  • Any time you start beating yourself up for the way you’ve eaten, you are not following the program. You are dieting.

Think of it this way:

When was the last time you felt empowered and positive when your boss or a parent ridiculed you?⁠

When was the last time you felt compelled to do the dishes or the laundry after your partner put you down for never doing them?⁠

It doesn’t work then and it doesn’t work when you do it to yourself, either.

The opposite is likely true.

When your boss, parent, or partner notices something positive about you or something you did, it probably makes you want to do that thing more.

Bullying doesn’t inspire change. Love does.

Give this week’s episode and tell us what you learned about yourself and how you can put it into action today.

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