EPISODE 91: Are You Coachable? And Why it Matters

This week’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast is all about optimizing your success through being coachable.

A person who is coachable is not only receptive to receiving feedback, but they actually go the extra mile to seek out constructive criticism in an effort to improve their performance. The world’s most successful people view the input of others as a valuable tool in their arsenal and thrive off of new insights and perspectives.
However, in the world of dieting, people are as married to their weight loss strategies as they are to their political or religious beliefs — which can make it difficult to coach these individuals into a new way of thinking, and ultimately, being.
In this week’s episode you’ll learn:
  • How to determine whether you’re coachable (do you seek advice? do you act on the advice? do you follow-up with the coaching source to ensure you’re on the right track?)
  • The multiple benefits of being coachable (saving time and money without having to second guess yourself)
  • Why being coachable actually matters and how it can improve your life in all of the best ways
  • A specific step-by-step breakdown on how to become more coachable so you can get the most out of your role as a student
If your current behavior isn’t producing the results you expect, then perhaps it’s time to take on a new approach with someone who can personalize your experience down the path to success.



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