EPISODE 90: Are You Focusing on What’s Going Well or What’s Going Wrong?

On today’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast, Rog Law, joins me as we discuss: Are you focusing on what’s going well or what’s going wrong?


As humans, we’re guilty of focusing on what’s wrong in our lives. It’s natural. You can blame this nifty little habit on your reptilian brain whose sole purpose is to protect you and help you survive.


Naturally, this reptilian brain it’s going to bring to your attention anything that is potentially “threatening” to your survival. But since this is the safest time there has ever been to be alive, our reptilian brains are getting a little bored, feeling a little useless, and having to look for problems elsewhere.


And that is why we are always so focused on the negative (even if life is actually pretty good)!


Clearly, this habit of constantly noticing what’s going wrong is not serving anyone because whatever we focus on expands. So it’s time to overcome this bad habit and experience a more beneficial perspective about our lives. Which will lead us to better, more badass, more abundant lives!


In this episode, you’ll learn:


  • The problem with focusing on what’s going wrong and how to overcome this extremely conditional life
  • Why living like this makes it hard to be in control of your mood and create the things that you want
  • The 4 steps required to help you stop focusing on what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong
  • You get more of what you focus on — in other words, if you’re obsessing about a recent binge eating episode, you’re more likely to experience it again, the idea goes. If you turn your attention to how good it feels to exercise, you’ll feel more inclined to exercise.


Focusing on what’s going well will help you achieve your goals because there’s plenty of evidence that happier people get more done (and are also likely to live longer). 


So focus on what’s going right because it will make you happier, and being happy will make you healthier and more productive. Or just do it because it will make you happier. Isn’t that reason enough?


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