EPISODE 86: Understanding the Differences Between Emotional, Binge, and Habitual Overeating

This week, I invited co-coach, Eileen Trujillo to join me as we discuss the differences between emotional eating, binge eating, and habitual overeating.


There seems to be a lot of confusion between the three types of eaters, so in this episode we want to provide some clarity to ensure you’re following the right plan of action to achieve a specific solution.


If you don’t understand the problem, then you may end up spinning your wheels trying to use the wrong tool to “fix” it. So before you can “fix” it, you first have to identify it.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the differences between emotional eating, binge eating, and habitual overeating
  • Specific reasons that cause you to emotionally or binge eat and actionable steps to overcome these instances of uncontrolled eating
  • What it takes to learn how to manage your mind (and as a result, your emotions)
  • Why binge eaters are the most commonly misunderstood out of the 3 types of eaters
  • What causes “habitual overeaters” to overeat and what they can do to get out of their head and into their body
Of course, it’s entirely possible that many of these behaviors overlap. You can be one, two, or all three of these types of eaters at different times.
What type of eater are you? What tools and strategies have helped you confront and overcome your eating challenges?