EPISODE 87: How to Create a Life You Love

This week on the Fat Murder Podcast, co-coachi, Eileen Trujillo is back to talk about how to create a life you love, right now. NOT 10 pounds from now, but TODAY.

In this episode we discuss why innate talent, intelligence, and external circumstances only accounts for 25% of our success while the other remaining 75% comes from just a few things.
Tune in to hear us talk about:
  • your mindset and outlook
  • how to perceive difficult situations as a challenge rather than a roadblock
  • the value of a solid social support system
  • the importance of “dating” new or old hobbies and interests
  • the lost art of having fun and how to reconnect with your inner child

Everyone in your life wins when you bring your best to everyone you interact with. It’s not selfish to prioritize your wants and needs. It’s attractive. And you’ll definitely be someone everyone wants to be around.

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