EPISODE 85: How Your Core Beliefs Influence Everything

What we believe and who we believe ourselves to be will always have more impact on our ability to lose weight than food ever will. 
Our core beliefs infiltrate every thought, feeling, and action we make on a daily basis — from our values, to our religious and political beliefs, and even the way we eat. We simply follow these blind scripts without exploring who influenced us to feel this way and why.

Join Rog Law and me today as we help you develop the awareness and psychological tools on the path to living your best life!
Topics discussed:
  • Understanding who and what influenced your core beliefs and why this could be a big missing piece in your weight loss puzzle.
  • What are your strongest beliefs? Are they helping or hurting you?
  • How to decipher where these beliefs come from and actionable steps to help you rewrite those that no longer serve you.
  • What the process of change looks like when replacing old thought patterns for the better.
What about you? Who were some of your primary influencers? How have they played a role in your life? Are there any you’re prepared to ditch?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.