EPISODE 84: Why Slow Eating is the Ultimate Weight Loss ‘Hack’

When it comes to lifelong sustainable weight loss, one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is being present with your food.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet and our addiction to being ‘busy,’ most people eat their meals like they’re running the 100 yard dash, and as a result, the only rapid thing that happens, is the expansion of their waistline.

Join Rog Law and me for this week’s Fat Murder Podcast episode as we talk about the ultimate weight loss ‘hack’ — slowing down.
Topics discussed:
  • Why you may have a habit of eating quickly and how to replace this behavior with deliberate intention to prevent instances of overeating
  • What are the pros and cons of speed eating and are they worth it?
  • The power of slowing down and connecting with your body (the ultimate calorie counter)
  • The pivotal role your environment plays in your eating and how you can engineer it for success
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