EPISODE 61: Setting Boundaries With Food Pushers

We’ve all heard the comments from our family, friends, and co-workers:

  • ”Just have a bite! It won’t kill you!”
  • ”What’s one meal? Treat yourself!”
  • ”It’s Friday, live a little!”

We’ve all heard comments like these a thousand times over the years. People commenting on how you need to try a few bites of dessert or finish the last breadstick in the basket.

No matter how well-meaning they may be, food pushers are some of the most difficult landmines for dieters to navigate in their quest for weight loss.

Instead of living in a state of anxiety, fearing how people will respond when you start enforcing boundaries, join Rog Law and I as we help you learn how to kindly side-step food pushers on your path to weight loss success.

Topics discussed:

  • The two types of food pushers and why it’s important you understand their motives so you know how to respond.
  • Why it’s important for you to stand your ground with kindness in your heart.
  • Understanding the psychology of a food pusher and meeting them with kindness, gratitude, and oftentimes, empathy.
  • Verbal scripts to help you know exactly what to say to food pushers so you’ll never leave another holiday party miserably full.

What about you? What are some ways you handle the food pushers in your life? Do you give in to their demands or do you hold firm and clearly state your boundaries?

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