EPISODE 58: Troubleshooting Hunger

Hunger gets treated like the [insert hair color here] headed stepchild of the transformation: preferably never seen or heard from. This is unfortunate, because hunger is actually the unsung hero when it comes to not only reaching your goals, but maintaining them for life.

Join Rog Law and I as we dive into the importance of hunger and why you should get to know it:

Topics discussed:

  • The basics: why 3-4 meals per day can unlock your pathway to weight loss success
  • Mind hunger vs Physical hunger – why it’s essential to understand the difference
  • The damaging hunger stories we tell ourselves and how they keep us stuck spinning our wheels
  • How telling yourself “no” breeds obsessive thoughts and leads to self-sabotage
  • Practical solutions to helping you successfully navigate morning hunger
  • What about you? How do you feel about hunger? Is this something you’re comfortable with or do you actively try to avoid hunger? 
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