EPISODE 57: Kid’s Food & Body Image: Creating a Healthy Experience

With the recent influx of parents contacting me regarding children’s eating habits and body image issues, this week I invited Steph Miramontes from Soul Centered Fitness to return to the podcast to discuss the two burning questions on every parents mind:
What can I do to ensure my kids grow up with a healthy relationship to food? How can I help them love their bodies in a world that’s hyper-focused on achieving unrealistic body standards?

Topics discussed:

Beliefs and biases around what is truly healthy, and what is based on unrealistic societal expectations.

  • Why dieting and food shaming contributes to lifelong food issues and how to create positive eating experiences.
  • Why it’s important to prioritize family activities, and learning to be flexible with your own food and exercise rules.
  • Why it’s essential that you heal your own relationship to food and body in order to successfully model for your children.
  • How to separate facts from fear and why it’s essential for your children’s personal development and growth.
  • Losing the shame and guilt and embracing that you will never be a perfect parent.
  • What about you? What steps have you taken to teach your children healthy eating habits? What are some positive ways you’ve helped your young ones learn to love and respect their bodies?

Resources discussed in this episode:

Celebrate your body

The Body Project

Feeding Littles



Podcast episode with Steph and Leslie on The Successful 5%

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