EPISODE 192: Understanding Your Diet Personality Type to Stop Overeating

When it comes to losing weight, there’s no way around it: we HAVE to eat food. The problem many dieters run into is that they’re torn between two extremes:

Restrictors: These people diet like it’s their full-time job
Permitters: These are the YOLO! dieters

In other words, Restrictors have a hard time saying yes to food while Permitters have a hard time saying no.

Join Coach Steph Miramontes and I today as we explore the world of dieting, the two types of people that inhabit this magical land, and how to turn the tables in your favor.

Topics discussed:

  • Understanding the differences between Permitters and Restrictors; how these two types interact with food and what they can do to overcome these self-limiting barriers
  • How the way we view our body can influence how we view our weight loss journey
  • Why awareness and being kind to yourself are the two major players when it comes to any successful weight loss story
  • A step-by-step process on how to navigate your way out your dieting type so you can lose the dieter’s mindset (and the weight), once and for all
  • How your diet brain is a dirty rotten liar that can’t be trusted and what you need to be listening to for guidance instead

What about you? Are you a Restrictor or a Permitter? Everyone has aspects of both, but similar to having a dominant right or left hand, knowing which one you are can help you break free from the shackles of dieting.Connect with Leslie:

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