EPISODE 122: Intentional Thinking Before and After You Eat

All overeating is completely predictable.


Dieters think they’re powerless against food, but the truth is their thoughts are accurate predictors of what they’ll do. 


What do you think before you eat (when you’re not hungry):


“I deserve this”

“I don’t know when I’ll be able to have this again”

“This time won’t hurt”


Your thoughts make you feel obligated. It keeps you feeling encouraged.


Then you beat yourself up (habit).

  • I’ll never be able to do this
  • I can’t control myself
  • I blew it, so I may as well keep eating 


Next thought:

  • time to diet or do a cleanse
  • Attend a weight watchers meeting 
  • I can’t believe I just did that 


Can you see how circular this cycle is? This is exactly why you cycle through dieting. It all comes down to your thoughts. 


Think ahead. Plan your thoughts. What kind of experience do you want to have.


What do natural eaters think when they’re not hungry but offered food?

  • I’m not hungry (food tastes better when I’m hungry so I’ll wait)
  • That looks good, but if I want to change how I eat, I need to change how I think — I want to FEEL good about my decision
  • I don’t want to feel uncomfortable (not worth the discomfort)
  • I can have it later
  • Food is not the boss of me


Start observing some thoughts. Then borrow some from the natural eater. Practice new thoughts.

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