The weight loss I always said I ‘could’ have done on my own, but only because I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. The truth is, I ‘could’ have done it on my own, but it would have taken a HELL of a lot longer, and it would have 100% been a more painful experience. I’m still progressing physically, but the mental work was done a few months back at the end of the program, and now I’m feeling and seeing the physical changes more consistently. I have an overwhelming gratitude for Leslie Hooper for the encouragement, support, and direction. The physical changes are great, but if you could see how I feel on the inside — that would be far more transformative than how I look. The lessons I’m continuing to learn about myself; the acceptance I feel in myself; how I actually feel about myself; how I actually like myself; it’s everything. Yeah, I ‘could’ have lost weight on my own, but not this. Not the self-acceptance part. Not without the level of support and encouragement I’ve been given in the Friends With Benefits program. I feel like a brand new person. I can’t believe how different I am in six short months. This program has literally been the best thing I have ever signed up for in my whole entire life, because it showed me how to change from the inside out. I no longer feel desperate to lose weight, because fat loss is inevitable with the life I’m living now…all without dieting.

Miriam Blyth