I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that joining Leslie’s Friends with Benefits program was the best investment that I’ve made in years. If you are struggling with your relationship with food or self-image issues or if you just want to be free from the years of failed diets and calorie counting – Leslie is your person!

When I started, every meal was a struggle. I had so much guilt attached to what I ate. I would eat things that I liked only to then suffer through hours of guilt and second guessing myself afterwards. The worst part was that I knew what to do. I’m a physician who helps patients lose weight every single day, but I couldn’t be objective with myself and my struggles. I kept on telling myself to “try harder” and was internalizing my “failures” as evidence of a lack of “willpower”. I would never tell my patients this – because it simply isn’t true.

Leslie helped me get out of my own head and work through the emotional and psychological barriers that I was placing in my own way. She made me feel supported EVERY step of the way and personalized the journey based on my needs. I am only 10 months into this journey, but I am a completely different person. My habits have significantly improved throughout my whole day. I eat whatever I want – without logging my food or counting calories or having to cut out food groups – and have lost close to 10 pounds. I am more present in my life. I can actually enjoy the food in my life again.

The desire to lose weight is what made me sign up in the first place, but the true benefits of the program are much deeper and more important. My weight and food no longer have control over my life. I’m the healthiest that I’ve been in years. I’m a better partner, friend, physician, and person. If any of this resonates with you, please sign up for this program! You won’t regret it. 

Dr. Roma Amin