EPISODE 73: Canceling Your Membership to the “Clean Plate Club”

If you’re anything like me, you grew up in a home where you were encouraged to “clean your plate.”

We rarely question the beliefs or habits that are passed down to us as children, and as a result, we repeat these same patterns as adults, blindly accepting them as gospel truth without ever questioning their validity.

Join Rog Law and me as we help you rewrite your guilt-ridden stories about “wasting food” and why it’s important you turn in your membership to the “Clean Plate Club”.

Topics discussed:

  • How the western world is home of gigantic portion sizes and why this is killing your progress
  • The power of environment and how your eating behaviors change when you sculpt it in a way that meets your needs
  • Why second servings almost-always create a second chin
  • The difference between mind hunger vs. physical hunger and why it’s critical to your success that you learn how to navigate both

As Americans, this Thursday we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. You don’t want to miss this episode to help you gain some useful insights and strategies going into your holiday meal. For more on the topic of Mind Hunger vs. Physical Hunger, check out episode 53.

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