EPISODE 70: How Non-Scale Victories Accelerate Weight Loss

The unfortunate truth about dieting is that once you start, you’ll never stop.
It’s almost as if once you decide to go on one, you’re signing a contract to be unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself until the number on the scale says the magic number that will unlock your worthiness. Then, you’re suddenly allowed to live your life.

Unfortunately, that isn’t how this works.

Join Rog Law and me on today’s Fat Murder episode while we discuss the multitude of ways you can still make progress without putting the scale in charge of your happiness. Through the power of non-scale victories, weight loss becomes easier than ever.

Topics discussed:
  • What change on the scale represents (it’s not what you think)
  • Why extreme behaviors tend to lead to extreme sabotage
  • The power of mindset and why it’s more important than any diet you’ll ever attempt
  • How focusing on what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong is the superpower you need to achieve your weight loss goals

To learn more about the process of sustainable weight loss, check out episode 41 where we discuss the art of avoiding self-sabotage.