EPISODE 55: How to Switch From Calorie Counting to Mindful Eating

Calorie counting is often touted as the Holy Grail of fat loss, and while it is effective, it often comes with a heavy mental and physical price tag attached to it. From constantly being on-guard about how many calories every piece of food you eat contains to avoiding social events because you fear not being able handle the food that’s there, for some this can be a one-way ticket to Crazyville, population: you.

Join Rog Law & I as we discuss alternative methods to calorie counting that lead to the same places but with a lot more enjoyment (and lasting results)

Topics discussed: 

– The importance of self trust

– Learning how to fish vs being given a fish

– The power of avoiding the extremes and learning to navigate the gray areas of eating and nutrition.

– What you’ll learn about yourself as you transition away from calorie counting

– Process over results = lasting results 

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