EPISODE 54: Social Media, Body Image & You

With our phones being glued to our hands on a daily basis, social media is the place where many of us spend the majority of our digital time, and unfortunately this can hijack not only our fat loss results, but our happiness as well. 

We are the result of our environment, and when we’re constantly afloat in a sea of calorie counting infographics and shiny booty pics, it’s easy to start to doubt who we are and where we’re going.

Join Rog Law & I as we discuss how to navigate social media in a way that serves instead of hindering. 

Topics discussed:

– The pitfall of having too many voices in your ear

– Letting who you want be guide who you follow on social media

– Information overload leading to self-sabotage 

– Are your goals really yours?

– The importance of putting what you see on social media in the proper context

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