EPISODE 44: How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Alcohol

Is alcohol stalling your weight loss? Probably. But this week’s episode is all about how to enjoy booze without cock-blocking your dreams of having a better body.

For many of us, the alcohol party began flowing in college during tailgates, beer pong, and keg handstands. But for some, the party hasn’t ended and they”re still waking up with a pounding headache in a bed filled with Taco Bell wrappers and regret.

For centuries, alcohol has been the glue used to cultivate social connection — celebrating holidays with familly, numbing first date jitters, or simply unwinding at happy hour with colleagues. But at what point does alcohol stop being the life of the party and start becoming the roadblock on the path to our goals?

Join former client and current co-coach, Eileen Trujillo, and I as we discuss:

  • WHY do we drink alcohol and under what circumstances is it “worth it” vs when it’s being used as a crutch
  • How alcohol consumption leads to instances of overeating and what you can do to combat this issue 
  • What emotional eating and drinking have in common and why it’s important to identify the differences so you can better manage your intake
  • WHO do you drink more around and why? The value of noticing your social and evironmental triggers and how they contribute to your desire to drink
  • Valuable strategies to help you manage your intake so you can enjoy alcohol in a way that feels GOOD, but doesn’t wreck your goals

What about you? Are you a big drinker? What strategies have you been able to implement to help you consume fewer alcohol calories without having to miss the party?

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