EPISODE 43: How Much Cardio is Too Much?

The go-to fat loss tool that most people clamp onto right out of the gate is cardio, often at the expense the most powerful tool of body composition change: strength training. Join Rog Law & I as we put cardio in its proper place in your fat loss tool belt to help you get the results you’re working towards so you can move on to other, more interesting things in your life.

Topics discussed: 

– Why people fear strength training (and why it’s unfounded).

– The problems most people run into when they ramp up their cardio while decreasing their food intake (and what to do instead).

– Signs that you’re doing too much cardio.

– Your not simple being a project you’re working on, but a partner you’re working with.

– Sustainability vs short term gains


This podcast is edited and managed by
Derrick Michaud
Shelby Row Productions, LLC

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