EPISODE 178: We Ate a 12 Course Meal – Here’s How it Went

A couple weeks ago, I flew to San Antonio to meet with Coach Steph Miramontes for some projects we’re working on. While there, she and her wonderful husband, Nefi, took me out to a fabulous 12-course dinner. And let me tell you, it was an experience to remember!

In the past, this is exactly the type of dining situation that would have paralyzed me. I would have felt anxious about not being able to look up the menu ahead of time, feared losing control on high calorie foods, and terrified of gaining weight.

But now? I was sooo excited! After years of failed dieting attempts, there is enjoyment, pleasure, and fun in eating again. And do you know what happened? Over 3 hours later, I walked out of that restaurant so grateful for being in a place where my relationship with food is no longer one based in fear and discomfort.

Being able to walk out of a 12-course meal feeling completely in control — because I was working WITH my body instead of trying to force it — is exactly what we talked about during today’s podcast.

We both share the evolution of restaurant dining and the steps we’ve taken to developing the mindset and eating habits of a “naturally thin” person.

If you struggle to manage your food intake while dining in restaurants or at social events, this is the episode for you.

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