EPISODE 103: How to Neutralize Processed Foods to Stop Overeating

The “naturally thin” behave in mysterious ways. We all know those people who have that magical superpower where they can just have a bite or two of a cookie, put it down, and never think about it again.


The truth is, these people aren’t born special with a special superpower nor do they have more willpower or a faster metabolism than you.

The difference is in their inner psychology and you can learn how to become this person, too.

Join co-coach, Eileen Trujillo (@eileen__trujillo) and me for their week’s episode of the Fat Murder Podcast as we discuss how incorporating processed foods into your meals can prevent instances of overeating.

You’ll learn:

▪️Where the discomfort and fear of processed foods come from and why you have to confront this to be successful with long-term weight loss
▪️Step by step guidance on how to eat these foods without losing control
▪️How the fear of eating hyper-palatable foods can actually keep you enslaved to them
▪️Why avoiding these foods and keeping them out of your home on perpetuates the cycle
▪️The psychology of the “naturally thin” eater and how you can develop this mindset, too

What do you think? Are you ready to learn the eating habits and inner psychology of the “naturally thin” so you can master your relationship with food and settle into a life that feels amazing?

Check out today’s episode and let us know what you think!


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