EPISODE 102: How to Recover From a Setback

If you’re avoiding the work that goes into improving your body image, because you think it will take care of itself once the weight is gone, think again.

Body image is an inside job, and external work isn’t the answer.

Join Steph Miramontes and me as we have a conversation with former client, Miriam Blyth, to discuss how the body image work was the necessary step in helping her recover from an emotionally triggering situation that invited frequent instances of overeating (and as a result, weight gain).

In this episode we talk about what Miriam missed when she was a client in my program and what she’s since learned two years later.

We’ll be discussing:

▪️How to like your body more without losing a single pound
▪️Why so many are struggling with post-pandemic social eating situations and how to manage these scenarios like a boss
▪️How to be less triggered when you hear friends and family talking about their weight loss goals
▪️The value of having a community to lean into when you stumble into hard times and your old coping habits begin to surface
▪️Why most avoid body image work, and what it really means for your results long term (hint, it won’t slow you down)
▪️How to go from self-loathing to body neutral, as a bridge to a positive body image

If you’ve tied your sense of worth to how you look to the outside world, now is the time to start getting uncomfortable, and do the work to change how you feel about yourself and your body.


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