Train Your Brain to Eat Like a “Naturally Thin” Person


Steph and Leslie

Discover how to stop compulsive eating so you can ACTUALLY lose weight without going on another bland diet that sucks the fun out of life.

Finally! A proven psychology-based weight loss workshop by two leading experts with 30 years of combined experience teaching you how to lose weight… without counting calories, guzzling egg whites, or eating your body weight in vegetables!

You don’t need a new Monday to lose weight and keep it off… You just need a new mindset.

And what if I told you that you’re only one thought away from being able to stop at one cookie without feeling deprived.

Click the link below to ENROLL in the workshop with Leslie Hooper and Steph Miramontes now.

Unstuck yourself!


  • Workshop on Wednesday, April 12th at 1pm – 3pm CST (click HERE to convert time to your local area).
  • You will receive an exclusive workbook that includes an emotional processing toolkit, a habit tracking chart, guidance on how to self-coach yourself out of instances of emotional, binge, or compulsive overeating and reflective journaling prompts.
  • Will this be recorded and available at a later date? Yes, you will have the ability to access the recording for 72-hours after its broadcasted.
  • How do I join the workshop? We’ll provide a private link to your email address one-hour prior to your call.
  • Will I be on camera? No, the only people you’ll see on camera are the Coaches.