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Outsmart Overeating

A 6-week course taking you from “Defeated Dieter” to “Successful 5 Percenter”

Are you a busy woman who’s been trying to lose weight for more than five years and you feel like you’ve tried everything from calorie counting to Keto to Weight Watchersbut nothing works?

And let me guess. You suspect it’s due to your age, metabolism, or hormones.

You probably also avoid bringing processed foods into the home because you’ll “eat it all in one sitting” and feel like you can’t eat lunch without thinking about dinner.

But here’s the thing. When we look at “naturally thin” people, they don’t count calories and yet they effortlessly maintain their weight eating everything they want no matter how stressful life gets.

So what do “naturally thin” people know that dieters don’t?

The secret is in their inner psychology and subtle daily habits.

Think about it.

Have you ever noticed how long-term dieters are never the leanest people you know?

Seems backwards, right?

If you’re someone who’s been dieting for years, why are you having such a hard time losing weight?

Here’s a clue: “lean” people don’t diet.

They do stuff like:

  • Wait until they’re hungry to eat.
  • Don’t feel pressured to clean their plate.
  • Stop before they’re full.
  • Don’t wait until Monday to “get back on track.”
  • Eat chocolate guilt-free.

As a dieter you already know that overeating kills weight loss.

Unfortunately, most struggling dieters make the costly mistake of eliminating foods they love instead of learning how to reduce their desire to stop overeating them. Without this skill, you’ll waste years bouncing up and down the scale and hating your thighs.

Instead, how would it feel to:

  • Have the freedom to eat pizza without thinking about calories.
  • Love clothing shopping because everything fits better, not worse.
  • Occasionally forget to eat because you’re too busy living a kickass life.

How would it feel to lose weight while never having to eat bland salads and do mind-numbing cardio again?

It’s the diet industry’s dirty little secret that 95% of all dieters will regain their weight in under 6 months. And 83% will gain more weight than they lost.

So what do the successful 5% know that dieters don’t?


Outsmart Overeating

Online Course

The only legitimate psychology-based online course designed to teach you how to think and eat like a “naturally thin” person so you never have to diet again. Kinda like diet rehab.

The Outsmart Overeating course is your perfect roadmap so you become a weight loss success story — not just for an upcoming wedding or trip to the beach, but forever.

Like the 5%, you’ll learn how to stop overeating without crazy food rules, obsessive calorie counting, and boring cardio that sucks the fun out of life. This means you’ll be able to lose weight anytime, anywhere.

And the best part? You don’t have to eliminate all of your favorite foods or avoid restaurants for fear of losing control. You’ll be able to eat fresh, homemade cookies without the guilt.

The benefit of changing your eating habits: you’re in control of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. At all times. And you can lose weight whether you’re snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, on a first date, or celebrating a birthday with family and friends.

All of my course participants come from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and dieting histories. And they have all built successful habits with food. No more binge eating. No more scale stepping. No more skipping happy hour with friends.

If you’ve ever said:

  • “I can’t stop eating sweets once I’ve started. I’m addicted to sugar!” (You’re not.)
  • “I’ll just have a little bite and do more cardio tomorrow.” (It’s never just a couple of bites, is it?)
  • “I’ll get back on track after my trip, birthday, work project, etc.” (You won’t.)

Then it’s time to stop fighting food and break-free from the thinking that’s causing you to self-sabotage.

It’s in the thinking, not the behaviors, that this problem begins…and ends.

Outsmart Overeating isn’t about giving you more boxes to check – weighing your food, eating protein at every meal, and eating more vegetables. You already learned all of that while dieting.

Instead, Outsmart Overeating goes much deeper.

It’s about mastering your mind so you can master your eating and stop living life on “hard mode.”

How much longer are you willing to wait before you lose 20 pounds and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of?


  • Wake up 6 weeks closer to your goal through a step-by-step process you can easily sustain
  • Feel in control around sweets and alcohol – yes, even on vacation
  • Break out of bland salad prison…forever!
  • Be able to lose weight anywhere, anytime eating exactly what you want
  • Develop the automated habits to effortlessly maintain your results
  • Never have to start over on Monday again
  • Not have to rely on motivation or willpower to achieve success
  • Have lifelong psychological frameworks so you can stop emotional and binge eating in its tracks
  • Being able to eat one cookie instead of all the cookies without feeling deprived

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The Six Core Modules outlined above will be delivered through a full curriculum of recorded audio lessons and coaching calls. These lessons will guide you in overcoming instances of emotional overeating with additional guided resources to support your learning and eating habit development. Lessons will be presented by Steph Miramontes and me. Module lessons will be hosted on the Kajabi platform where you’ll be able to access your private account using a computer, tablet or mobile device and can be listened to at any time.
In addition to core lessons, you’ll gain access to a library of previously recorded coaching calls. Through these calls you’ll hear Steph Miramontes and I apply these ‘core concepts’ to the real life situations discussed with clients—advancing into more nuanced topics and practical application. The more you engage with this content, the more deeply these concepts will “sink in” and transform your relationship with food and body from the root.
All course materials will be released on the password-protected platform, Kajabi for Outsmart Overeating, clients exclusively. You’ll receive lifetime access to this portal (as long as I’m in business, this members area will be maintained), so you can move through the course at your own pace and revisit the material whenever you like.
In addition to original Outsmart Overeating lessons, each module of the course will include a list of suggested “homework” assignments — including a habit tracking chart, topic-specific workbook, videos, journaling prompts and other external materials to assist in the process of becoming a Successful 5 Percenter. But don’t worry, we know you have a life, so none of this will take you longer than five minutes per day. The Outsmart Overeating course is designed to enhance your life, not be your life.



3 payments of $149 (every 2 weeks)



Save $48 when you pay in full


There’s a reason why our clients continue seeing results AFTER they graduate from the course. It works!

Imagine the results you’ll see when you have access to the same thing they did!

I just wanted to give you an update on my progress. Is funny how things started slowly for me on the fwb group, and, at one point, I thought it would never happen, but with your help and with your "no bs approach" it was all I needed to face my fears, my bad habits, my excuses, and ultimately to actually love me more because food for sure was never going to do it. This is just the beginning. Thank you for being the superhero that you are. Here are my photos 175.6 lbs/ 148.2 By the way I couldn't fasten those shorts before... 🤗
Thank you Leslie! The holidays were great and I'm not thinking about what diet I've got to start! Excited to see what happens in 2021 as I heal my issues with food! Your programme IS everything 🙏
A picture from previous year Christmas and now. I am very very happy and blessed to have known you and been a part of your program! ❤️ As you always say behavioural changes have life lasting impacts! 💯 And I can witness clearly with time 😇 I was able to all consistently continue practising all the habits even after the program ended and am very satisfied not just with the external results but the inner happiness too. Feeling like the best version of myself ever 😇🥰Heartfelt thanks to you dear ❤️🙏
Hey Leslie, I hope this finds you well. Can you spot me? Just a quick note to let you know that I am doing very well and that I - can you believe it ?! - joined the local womens fitness group. It is so much fun and I am still amazed how much my life has changed thanks to you and your programme. Sending you a big hug all the way from Switzerland, Marina
marinamaryanov Incredible truth. You've helped me lose and keep off my weight for over 4 years already!
Can confirm! Still going strong after finishing this program over a year ago! I haven't gained back any of the weight I lost and the habits I learned are a lifelong practice so no end date in sight. 👏👏👏
Same here I am 135-140 and maintaining after having my son last May!!! So grateful I took a chance on your program. Best decision I ever made for myself 💕
Leslie and Steph


  • Get results supported by science. We don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. We only use proven strategies that work — backed by science. Proven with results.
  • Receive guidance from an industry leader. You will receive guidance from two world-class experts with a combined experience of over 30 years. We eat, sleep, and breathe this and have distilled all of the information we’ve learned in an easy to digest format for you.
  • Have your dreams become reality. By following the step-by-step course designed specifically for you to stop overeating so the life you’ve always wanted will become your new reality.
  • Never diet again Free yourself from restrictive food rules and obsessive calorie counting. We offer detailed action steps to help you develop the behavioral tools necessary to overcome an emotional relationship with food and live a diet-free life.
  • Small steps. Big changes. When unexpected obstacles surface, you’ll have a plan to break them down into smaller steps to ensure you steadily move closer to your goal.


3 payments of $149 (every 2 weeks)



Save $48 when you pay in full