Leslie Hooper

What’s the Best Exercise for Fat Loss?

Over the weekend I was asked, “What’s the best exercise method for fat loss — is it running?”

No, it’s not running — unless you love to run. And it’s probably not riding a unicycle juggling knives unless you love to ride a unicycle juggling knives.

The fat loss exercise routine that will give you long-term, sustainable results is the exercise you choose to love. Yes, choose.

Because in the beginning, for most, you’re going to suck. Embrace the suck. Babies don’t come out of the womb knowing how to walk and we don’t expect people new to swimming to perform like Michael Phelps.

You’re probably gonna suck for a while. It’s okay; stick with it and it will get easier.

Maybe your chosen form of exercise is hopscotch, Tae Bo, or roller derby.

Photography by Ryan McGuire
Photography by Ryan McGuire

It doesn’t matter what you choose.

All that matters is that you love it so much that it becomes a part of who you are — to the point that executing it consistently becomes effortless. If you can nail that down, the fat loss will follow.

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