Leslie Hooper

Three or Six Meals a Day for Fat Loss?

If you’re of the opinion that having six smaller meals throughout the day is superior for fat loss as opposed to three larger meals, you’ve been sold a lie perpetuated by the health and food industry.

This idea of having smaller meals was actually birthed by those in the gym who were trying to gain muscle through a ‘bulking’ phase.

In an effort to create an optimal environment for superior muscle gain, these individuals would increase their calories over maintenance to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to support maximum muscle growth.

It was because of this large consumption of food that many struggled to get in all of their calories in just three meals, thus spreading it out over six to eight smaller meals.

Photography by Ryan McGuire
Photography by Ryan McGuire

There is NO scientific-based research that supports the claim that six smaller meals produces better results for fat loss than three larger meals.

In my opinion, six smaller meals is just three more opportunities to overeat. And three more opportunities for the food industry to push more of their products onto you.

When it comes to fat loss, calorie intake is king.

And how you choose to divide up those calories on a daily basis is 100% personal preference.

Breakfast is NOT actually the most important meal of the day and it doesn’t magically speed up your metabolism, either.

That’s just more marketing nonsense being spoon fed to you by the food industry.

When it comes to dieting, the only diet that will ‘work’ is the diet you can stick to.

You don’t need more rules from outside sources that want to manipulate you into buying their product; you simply need to create a plan that is sensible, realistic and effortless to maintain – FOREVER.

And that doesn’t happen by eliminating entire food groups.

Or the time of day in which to consume them.

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