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EPISODE 92: Client Interview with Abi Smith

This week I’m super excited to share another client interview with Abi Smith in the UK.

In this episode, Abi shares her experience within the program a lifelong dieter who struggled with labeling foods “bad” and chronic yo-yo dieting.

After decades of traveling down dead-end roads that left her more frustrated than before, she joined my coaching program not only lose weight but to learn how to drop the food obsession and eat like a “naturally thin” person.

Topics discussed:

▪️What it’s like to go from an “all-or-nothing” mindset to someone who effortlessly keeps treats in the home without feeling out of control.

▪️Abi shares some of her biggest challenges within the program and how it helped her in other areas of her life.

▪️After years of wasting money on unsuccessful weight loss attempts, most people will be skeptical of a psychology-based program like FWB…but Abi wasn’t. Why?

▪️Abi opens up about why she had the courage to join and how focusing on her relationship with food instead of scale weight was the change she didn’t know she needed.

▪️At what point in the program the habits began to *click* for her and physical changes became more apparent.

▪️What Abi wishes she had known at the beginning of the program and her best piece of advice for those who are afraid to stop calorie counting and practice mindful eating.

Please give this week’s episode a listen!

Abi was an excellent guest who provided a ton of valuable insights that you can benefit from.

For other topics, like motivation, binge eating, procrastination, and self-sabotage, check out previous episodes.

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