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EPISODE 71: 11 Eating Habits of the Naturally Thin

When it comes to being “naturally thin,” most people think that it comes down to a roll of the genetic dice, and if you’re unlucky enough to roll the wrong set of genes, you’re screwed.
The reality is that while genetics certainly play a role in your body composition, they’re not the primary driver when it comes to managing your weight.

Join Rog Law and me for today‘s episode as we tackle the 11 eating habits that will allow you to lose (and keep off) the unwanted weight while eating the foods you love.
Topics discussed:
– How distracted eating leads to disconnected eating
– Why eating what you love can actually leads to the best results
– How to develop the powerful skill of listening to your physical cues to lose weight and keep it off forever
– Why the word “no” (when dealing with others) is the life-changing superpower you never knew you needed in achieving your aesthetic goals
To learn more about why you may be struggling with weight loss, check out episode 46 where we discuss 5 reasons why you still haven’t lost the weight (and what to do about it).

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