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EPISODE 53: Understanding the Difference Between Mind Hunger & Physical Hunger

Physical hunger shows itself with a physical sensation of emptiness in your stomach, often accompanied by a rumbling feeling. Psychological hunger is simply the desire to eat, with no physical indicators that your body is needing more food at that moment.

Eating when your body isn’t signaling a need for more fuel is a symptom of a deeper issue and can lead to weight gain when consistently ignored.

Join former client and current co-coach, Eileen Trujillo, and me as we discuss:

– The obvious and not-so obvious differences between mind hunger and physical hunger and why understanding this is imperative to your body composition goals.

– Why learning your physical hunger cues requires consistent practice and patience.

– Why it’s important to become familiar with varying degrees of hunger and how to use this skill as a weight loss tool.

– Actionable steps to help you learn how to navigate hunger and become more in-tune with your body’s needs.

What have you learned about your body’s hunger signals as you’ve practiced hunger directed eating? I’d love to hear your comments below. Thanks for listening!

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