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EPISODE 46: 5 Reasons Why You Still Haven’t Lost the Weight

Here’s a shocking statistic for your eyeballs: 95% of diets fail, which I honestly think is a low number. If you don’t stick to the unreasonably strict guidelines that most diets prescribe for the rest of your life, then the diet will inevitably fail.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to become part of this statistic 

Join Rog Law & I as we get down and dirty and talk about the reasons why you keep spinning your wheels and what you can do today to bust loose, lose the weight and get on with your life.


Topics discussed:

– The WHY you’re eating and how it’s far more important than than the WHAT

– Feeling escapism via food.

– How our need for immediate results keeps us from having ANY results.

– Faith, belief & trusting the process.

– Why thinking your situation is unique can keep you from executing on what’s known to work.

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