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EPISODE 45: 6 Things Lean People Do Differently

Have you ever noticed how perpetual dieters are never the leanest people you know?

It’s the lean people who are consistently doing the right stuff day after day, year after year, rarely talking about their “meal plan”, “detox” or their next “cleanse.”

They don’t even use the word “diet” or think about dieting as a New Year’s resolution or goal. No drastic changes to their eating behaviors needed – they’ve figured out what works for them.

In other words, the leanest people are the people doing the right things most consistently.

Join Rog Law and I as we arm you with 6 of the most important habits of the lean that you can begin implementing today to steer your fat loss ship towards victory!

Topics discussed:

– How setting strict, unrealistic deadlines can set you up for failure before you even get started.

– The all-or-nothing mindset and why it leads to a whole lot of nothing when it comes to goal achievement.

– Why most nutrition plans are designed to fail and what you can do instead.

– How FOMO is sneakily sabotaging your mindset and causing you to lose perspective on what matters the most.

– The one thing that keeps getting in the way those who constantly yo-yo diet.

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