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EPISODE 40: Why You Stress Eat and How to Stop

It is without question that we will encounter stressful circumstances in our lives. Instead of doing everything that we can to avoid them, it makes more sense to invest in the tools that allow us to successfully navigate stressful situations, but thrive in spite of our circumstances. Join Rog Law & I as we give you the lowdown on stress and how to make sure you don’t get steamrolled by it.

Topics discussed

– Chronic stress, short term stress and its effects on your appetite.

– The liberating power of identifying and observing your emotions.

– What emotions are we experiencing specifically? Don’t put them under the umbrella of STRESS

– The two most important components that are involved in any meaningful change you want to make.

– Lack of sleep

– Caffeine

– Hardcore workouts

– Overstimuated & under recover

– Chronic stress vs short term stress and it’s effects on your appetite

– Anytime someone is eating outside of hunger is emotional eating

– Start observing your behavior and noting your food intake in relation to it

– Anything worth doing gets easier with practice

– Anytime youre not changing it, you’re strengthining it

– identify the emotion in the moment and look at it objectively.

– You are NOT the emotion

– look at the thoughts that are creating the stress

– master patience & consistency 

– fall in love with the process & conssiteny wthout worrying about a timeline


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