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EPISODE 27: Client Interview with Former Weight Watchers Leader

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing my current client, Andrea Seabrands, who was a Weight Watchers member for 15 years — eventually becoming one of their leaders.

As a former leader, Andrea was able to share an exclusive look into Weight Watchers behind the scenes and elaborates on why she ditched the point counting in exchange for a more mindful approach.

Topics discussed:

How diets like WW keep you struggling and why using a habit-based approach has allowed Andrea to feel in control around food.

What it’s like to transition away from a food-obsessed chronic dieter to someone who effortlessly maintains their weight.

At what point in the process the habits began to *click* and become more automated.

Why she referred a friend to work with me but was reluctant to get started on making the change for herself.

The three things Andrea wished she knew at the beginning of the program and her best piece of advice for anyone who fears gaining weight when dropping the restrictive food rules, calorie counting, and mind-numbing cardio.

This podcast is edited and managed by
Derrick Michaud
Shelby Row Productions, LLC

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