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EPISODE 235: How to Delay Instant Gratification for Permanent Weight Loss

Slow and steady wins the race, but dieters crave fast, fierce, and furious for their weight loss programs.

Instant gratification dominates the mindsets of most dieters. They want quick solutions and quicker results.

Consider what causes you to pursue a long-term project – like writing a book, building a relationship, learning an instrument, etc.

With long-term projects, sooner or later, we need evidence that we’re making progress. Without it, it would seem silly to continue pursuing it forever without the reward of accomplishment.

People don’t spend 20 years eating healthy and working their tail off at the gym without pleasure and reward mixed in. And if the goal is to maintain a lean physique for forever, we can’t rely solely on the external validators, like a scale or mirror. Why?

1. Because those results aren’t immediate.

2. Because those results don’t continue changing after maintenance.

Unfortunately, this is where most dieters get stuck. Instead of chasing instant gratification in emotional and compulsive eating, what if you learned how to develop a new reward system? How would it feel to be able to delay instant gratification for permanent weight loss?

Dive into this week’s episode as we discuss exactly how to do just that.

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