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EPISODE 228: How to Get Back on Track Before Your Next Meal

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Decades of research into the psychology of eating behaviors have shown us that the more we attempt to rigidly control our eating the more likely we are to lose that control when faced with unpleasant thoughts and feelings, especially when these feelings arise due to perceived “diet failure.”

Why would eating a spoonful of ice cream drive you to eat the whole pint followed by the false promise to do better on Monday? It’s a defense mechanism.

By eating more and focusing on the food you are momentarily escaping the negative self-talk, judgment, and guilt you feel when being unable to stick to your plan and long term goals.

But what if instead of beating yourself up, you met yourself with kindness and compassion? What if you gave yourself permission to eat it? Would that spoonful still turn into a pint?

In this week’s episode, we discuss how to navigate instances of overeating BEFORE they happen. That’s right, we’re talking about developing the psychological tools to help you prevent instances of overeating, but when it does happen – it’s no longer an opportunity to bully and berate yourself. 

You’ll also learn:

What about you? 

How would your life be different if you didn’t have any food rules at all? How would it feel if you were able to be completely in-control and stop eating whenever you wanted? No drama. No white-knuckling. No need to start over tomorrow.

If forcing your body into a smaller version of itself through dieting worked, it would have worked by now? It’s time to try something different. Something that actually works.

Give this week’s episode a listen to learn how.

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