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EPISODE 221: From ‘Nothing Fits’ to ‘Down 35 Pounds’ With Client Angela MacBride

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This week, I’m excited to share the interview of former client, Angela MacBride on her unique experience in FWB (now rebranded as Unstuffed) and in Coach Steph’s body image coaching program, Unfiltered.

As you know, no two dieters are the same and everyone has different challenges, backgrounds, habits, lifestyles, and emotional eating struggles. Angela shares her story as a former Weight Watcher who was yo-yoing up and down the scale to a person who has steadily dropped 35 pounds in a way that feels sustainable long-term, because no foods are off limits.

Topics discussed:

Thanks to Angela for bringing her unique and interesting perspective to our listeners. As somoene who has been out of the program for quite some time, it’s always great to invite former clients back to the podcast to get an update on their continued.

Angela was an inspiring guest and we appreciate her being open to sharing her experience in the program(s). Be sure to give this episode a listen and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

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