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EPISODE 216 How to Say No, Resist Urges, & Achieve Your Goals

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Learning how to say no is one of the most useful skills you can develop, especially when it comes to achieving your dreams and goals.

Obviously, this begs the question: how do we avoid distraction and stop chasing instant gratification, so that we can actually do the things that are really important to us?

Individually, our responses to these little choices seem insignificant, which is why we don’t make a big deal about telling ourselves that we “can’t” do something. But imagine the cumulative effect of choosing more empowering words on a consistent basis.

“I can’t” and “I don’t” are words that seem similar and we often interchange them for one another, but psychologically they can provide very different feedback and, ultimately, result in very different actions. They aren’t just words and phrases. They are affirmations of what you believe, reasons for why you do what you do, and reminders of where you want to go.

To put it simply: you can either be the victim of your words or the architect of them. Which one would you prefer?

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