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EPISODE 214: Understanding Why Some People Struggle to Lose Weight When Others Don’t

Why do some people struggle vs those who don’t? 

Struggling is the common experience. It’s where most people are, but why is that?

I’ve boiled it down to two reasons:

  1. You don’t have the first clue how permanent weight loss happens (Here’s how you can tell this is true – if you feel like your diet is controlling you more than you’re controlling it)
  1. And sadly, most of the content you’re consuming today isn’t actually teaching you WHY you gained the weight in the first place, but rather HOW to lose it – focusing on the HOW instead of the WHY, keeps us trying to solve the WRONG problem

The truth is, we’ve all been sold on the romanticized version of weight loss – fast results, being thin comes with access to status, happiness, etc.

Join Coach Steph and I as we discuss this and so much more!

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